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The Built Environment Impacts on Mobile Home Indoor Thermal Comfort in Mesa, AZ

Authors: Elisha Charley*, Arizona State University
Topics: Energy
Keywords: Heat Related Impacts
Session Type: Poster
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The Knowledge of Exchange for Resilience research focused on mobile home residential thermal impacts in Mesa, AZ. Two local energy company provided data on the number of heat related deaths including zip code zones. We focused on the highest frequency area in Mesa, AZ. We observed the area to be a trailer park for 55+ older residents. Some of the residents volunteered to participate in our heat capture study. The participants placed ibuttons in their mobile homes. ibutton is a thermal device that automatically captures temperatures three times a day for 30-days. Our field work began July 2019-August 2019. During our field work we observed other factors that caused added heat impacts including impervious surfaces beneath the mobile homes, limited vegetation around each lot, poorly insulated/constructed building (mobile home) materials, and income limitation. After researching the construction and designs of mobile homes we understood the capacity of the structures. The insulation performance is measured by R-value to resist heat/cold flow. Common mobile home wall insulation's are poorly insulated ranging from 4”-7.5”. The mobile home walls, flooring, ceiling and openings don't provide adequate insulation to keep cold thermal air inside the spaces. We distributed ibuttons in 30+ mobile homes within the same trail park. Three ibuttons were placed in three separate locations inside a mobile home. The ibutton was then collected after 30 days of completion. We analyzed the data of indoor cooling lost due to construction and maintenance of the mobile home. We would like to propose smart city data.

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