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Studying Perceptions of Adaptivity and Resilience in a Watershed-Dependent Exurban Area

Authors: Alexander Ross*, Portland State University
Topics: Coupled Human and Natural Systems
Session Type: Poster
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I use qualitative methods to study the extent to which stakeholders in an exurban area consider their resource management strategies resilient and/or transformative in light of climate change and urbanization. Using 32 semi-structured interviews and participant observation of local meetings and events, I analyze the networks and actors involved in collaborative resource management, policy, and related business interests to identify their confidence in existing systems and desire to effect change. By discerning the difference between resilience and transformativity, I assess the different approaches to change and adaptation within complex systems in the basin, as well as their relationship to urban and rural spaces that they navigate within the exurban context. Here, we are able to ascertain how the exurban relates to endogenous and exogenous forces pertaining to tourism, post-productivist economies, and development across various social, cultural, and political scales. To understand these interacting and dynamic systems together, I used Atlas.ti for data analysis and presentation, including graphs and figures that illustrate my findings.

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