Qualitative Research in Hazards Geography 1

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Specialty Group, Qualitative Research Specialty Group
Organizers: Brendan Lavy, Elyse Zavar
Chairs: Brendan Lavy

Call for Submissions


A decade ago, DeLyser et al. (2010, 1) proclaimed, “The early twenty-first century marks a marvelous time for qualitative geography.” Today, growth in the use and acceptance of qualitative methodologies across the discipline is self-evident, and hazard and disaster scholars continue to make important contributions to the advancement of qualitative geography. In particular, the use of qualitative methodologies has contributed to current theoretical debates in hazards geography and shaped policy, informed management objectives, and supported decision making at multiple scales. As more hazard and disaster scholars employ a range of qualitative methodologies to understand the complexities communities face in preparing for, mitigating against, and recovering from disaster events, and ultimately increasing community resilience, this session is designed to highlight the use of qualitative research in hazards geography broadly conceived and spark discussion among qualitative researchers. We seek paper presentations from geographers and others working at the intersections of hazards, disasters, and risk, who use qualitative methods.

DeLyser, D., S. Herbert, S. Aitken, M. Crang, and L. McDowell. 2010. Introduction: Engaging Qualitative Geography. In DeLyser, D., S. Herbert, S. Aitken, M. Crang, and L. McDowell (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Geography Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


Type Details Minutes
Presenter Craig Colten*, Louisiana State University, Ria Mukerji, Louisiana State University, Scenario Building Workshops: Adapting a Strategic Science Technique to Qualitative Purposes in the Amite River Basin 15
Presenter Ria Mukerji*, Louisiana State University, Qualitative Approaches to Understanding Changing Geographies of Flood Mitigation Policies 15
Presenter Alex Peimer*, Northeastern Illinois University, Dam changes in Chicago: Dam removal, river recreation, and river governance 15
Presenter Brendan Lavy*, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, “Where’s the shared sacrifice?” Water, drought, and public discourse in the lower Colorado River valley of Texas 15
Presenter Ronald Hagelman III*, Texas State University, Elyse Zavar, University of North Texas, Brendan Lavy, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Business Recovery Narratives Following Hurricane Harvey 15

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