Restoration and Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

Type: Paper
Theme: The Changing North American Continent
Sponsor Groups: Energy and Environment Specialty Group, Water Resources Specialty Group, Biogeography Specialty Group
Organizers: Erin Dascher
Chairs: Erin Dascher

Call for Submissions

If you are interested in presenting your work as part of this session, please contact the session organizer, Erin D. Dascher ( by October 10th.


This session aims to showcase talks on current restoration and conservation activities in the Pacific and Inland Northwest of the Americas. This session invites presenters whose research focuses on human-environment interactions relevant to ecosystem degradation and/or conservation and restoration in the PNW and INW. Potential topics may include but are not limited to river restoration, soil conservation, restoration ecology, wildfire management, management of coastal environments, etc.


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