Experiential Learning in Geography Education II

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Geography Education Specialty Group
Organizers: Jonathan Wessell
Chairs: Jonathan Wessell


Instructors in Geography Education have long been offering Field Study or Study Abroad opportunities. The presenters in this session will share these opportunities that they have created with their students. Close attention will be given to the interactions that students have had with the people and culture in different areas. The presenters will share the value of these experiences, and how they felt about the success of these opportunities. What might have been changed to enhance the learning of their students in the respective opportunities.


Type Details Minutes
Presenter Patrick Andrew Smith*, Texas State University, Thomas Barclay Larsen, Texas State University, Strategies for Teaching Field-Based Learning through Online Professional Development 15
Presenter Beth King*, Penn State, Study Abroad as Experienced through Penn State’s Master of GIS Program Course - “Challenges in Global Geospatial Analytics” 15
Presenter Jacqueline Housel*, Sinclair College, Adrienne Cassel, Sinclair College, For Peat’s Sake: An Environmental Study Abroad Trip to Scotland 15
Presenter Lisa Marshall*, North Carolina State University, Studying 'Energy Geographies' Abroad: case from NC State's China Program in Engineering, Science, Technology & Society (STS) & International Relations 15
Presenter Mukila Maitha*, Harper College, Nellie Khalil, Harper College, Jose-Cristian Martinez, Harper College, Richard Johnson, Harper College, Study Abroad Trifecta: Dismantling Disciplinary Boundaries 15

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