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Vegetation Dynamics I: Range and Disturbances

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Biogeography Specialty Group, Mountain Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:15 AM (MDT)
Room: Virtual Track 11
Organizers: Jeremy Johnson, Parveen Chhetri
Chairs: Jeremy Johnson


This session focuses on spatio-temporal vegetation dynamics in response to environmental changes in all geographic contexts using a variety of data analysis methods (field-based data, applications of RS and GIS, spatial analysis, and modeling).The final number of sessions and potential session classifications will depend on the number of abstracts we receive and their research areas.

Please contact Jeremy Johnson ( or Parveen Chhetri ( to indicate your interest in participating


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Alexandra Logan*, , Justin Hart, University of Alabama , Microsite Influence of Coarse Woody Debris in Pinus palustris Woodlands 15 8:00 AM
Presenter Raien Emery*, University of Alabama, Justin L Hart, The University of Alabama, Jonathan S Kleinman, The Univeristy of Alabama, Fuel dynamics of a longleaf pine woodland before and after a prescribed fire 15 8:15 AM
Presenter Nina Hewitt*, University of British Columbia, Variable Constraints on Climate-Induced Species Range Shifts in Alpine and Flat Landscapes: Shrinking Habitat versus Limited Dispersal 15 8:30 AM
Presenter Jonathan Kleinman*, University of Alabama, Jonathan Davis Goode, University of Alabama, Alexander Fries, University of Alabama, Justin Hart, University of Alabama, Interacting disturbances and ecological consequences in forest ecosystems of North America 15 8:45 AM
Presenter Jeremy Johnson*, Prescott College/USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Richard A Sniezko, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Hunter C Mackin, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Evan Heck, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Megan Lewien, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Darren Brons, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Shannon Mccoy, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Sara Fraser, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Angelia Kegley, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Douglas Savin, USDA Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Gerald FM Page, Oregon State University, Marja Haagsma, Oregon State University, Christopher Still, Oregon State University, Kristen M Waring, Northern Arizona University, Exploring range-wide patterns of genetic resistance to save a species threatened by a non-native disease and climate change 15 9:00 AM

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