The End of Tourism? Applying Tourism Geographies in Uncertain Times

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2020
Start / End Time: 5:35 PM / 6:50 PM
Room: Spruce, Sheraton, IM Pei Tower, Majestic Level
Organizers: Dimitri Ioannides, Patrick Brouder
Chairs: Dimitri Ioannides


The volume of geographic research relating to tourism has grown exponentially over the last three decades in line with the global growth of tourism. Geographers have actively sought to build stronger conceptual bridges between several sub-disciplines of geography (e.g., urban geography, regional development, economic geography, transport geography, and political economy) and the field of tourism studies (which has also benefited from various disciplinary approaches coming from the social sciences). Importantly, the so-called 'turns' in the social sciences, including those that have influenced human geography (e.g., the spatial turn, the mobilities turn, the relational turn, the evolutionary turn, and the critical turn) have certainly left an imprint on the manner in which we understand tourism.

Yet, a complex, evolving mosaic of technological, environmental, economic and sociopolitical forces (e.g., the rapid rise of the platform economy, the growing perception of threats related to global climate change and a worrying geopolitical arena) have invited a wide array of novel applications of the extant theory while also offering a sense of foreboding for the future of tourism itself. In this panel discussion, invited speakers will offer their perspectives on applying tourism geographies in these uncertain times and discuss whether we are heading towards the end of tourism (geographies)?


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Dimitri Ioannides Mid-Sweden University 10
Panelist Arie Stoffelen University of Groningen 10
Panelist Sanjay Nepal University of Waterloo 10
Panelist Keith Debbage University of North Carolina At Greensboro 10
Panelist Patrick Brouder Vancouver Island University 10

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