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Human-Environment Dimensions of Shale Gas Development I

Type: Paper
Theme: The Changing North American Continent
Sponsor Groups: Energy and Environment Specialty Group, Landscape Specialty Group, Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group
Organizers: Shanon Donnelly
Chairs: David Kramar


The massive increase in development related to shale gas extraction across the globe has given rise to a wide variety of ecological impacts and changes in human-environment dynamics. This session seeks to increase the interaction and collaboration of researchers focusing on the geography of shale gas development including aspects such as landscape fragmentation, impacts on native populations, impacts on wildlife populations, wastewater disposal, and seismicity. The session organizers hope that the interaction of scholars on this topic will lead to future interdisciplinary efforts of cross-location comparisons that are currently lacking in the research.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Zachary Goldberg*, Penn State University, Jenn Baka, Penn State University, Karl Zimmerer, Penn State University, Building Energy-Agriculture Linkages through Unconventional Energy: A Literature Review 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Neha N Patel*, MS Thesis Related Work, Geography & GISc Department, University of North Dakota, USA and currently Graduate Research Assistant, Master of Public Health Department, University of North Dakota, USA, Gregory Vandeberg, Chairman, Geography & GISc Department, University of North Dakota, USA, Bradley Rundquist, Professor, Geography and GISc. Department, University of North Dakota, USA, Use of Landsat Satellite Imagery to Identify the Salinization of Soil Due to Brine Spills in Northwestern North Dakota 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Joseph Oduro Appiah*, University of Northern British Columbia - Prince George, BC, Christopher Opio, University of Northern British Columbia- Prince George, BC, Shanon Donnelly, University of Akron- Akron, Ohio, Quantifying, comparing, and contrasting forest change pattern from shale gas infrastructure development in the British Columbia’s shale gas plays 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Shanon Donnelly*, University of Akron, David Kramar, Minnesota State Moorhead, Joseph Oduro Appiah, University of Northern British Columbia, Comparison of Landscape Impacts Resulting from Development of Several North American Shale Plays 15 12:00 AM

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