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European Geographies of Ethnonationalism(s) 1: Populism, Belonging, and Affective States

Type: Paper
Theme: Ethnonationalism and Exclusion Around the World
Sponsor Groups: European Specialty Group, Political Geography Specialty Group, Legal Geography Specialty Group
Organizers: James Baker, Mathias Le Bossé
Chairs: Mathias Le Bossé


European, Political Geography, and Legal Geography Specialty Groups are excited to co-sponsor a paper session on ethnonationalism entitled “European Geographies of Ethnonationalism(s) 1: Populism, Belonging, and Affective States”

Co-organizers: James E. Baker, MA, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Mathias Le Bossé, PhD, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (Chairperson)

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and more than twenty years since Karoly Grúber’s reevaluation of the “contemporary ethnonationalist renaissance in Europe,” European states and societies have come to understand – and in some cases seemingly openly embrace – ethnonationalism as an everyday performative and political reaction to perceived demographic, economic, societal, and cultural changes at regional or supranational scales.

Ethnonationalism, as centered in everyday identities and relationalities between a shared inherent status (such as ancestry, ethnicity, and race), homeland and a perceived Other, remains an active construct at the territorial and diasporic scales throughout the European Union. However, beyond the realm of theory, ethnonationalism recalls (apparently), or intersects with, clear-cut political movements such as Brexit, the regional popularity of Alternative for Germany after the 2017 federal election, the 2017 Catalan self-determination referendum, but also the recent populist government coalition in Italy and even possibly France’s “Yellow Vests” mobilization.

This paper session provides a forum for a general, wide-ranging discussion of geographies of ethnonationalism and exclusion across Europe as they pertain to populist movements, the personal, the political, and intimate structures of feeling as relations of power across EU (b)orders, (trans)national, and (non)state spaces.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Isabel Airas*, University of Cambridge, Constructing the Sweden Democrats' campaign: From gut feelings to populist authenticity 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Dustin Tsai*, University of California, Davis, ‘A Tale of Two Croatias’: How Club Football (Soccer) Teams Produce Radical Regional Divides in Croatia’s National Identity 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Kathryn Hannum*, Kent State University, Ethnonationalist Narratives in Diaspora Engagement Policies of Galicia, Spain 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Christopher Lizotte*, University of Helsinki, Seeing like tomorrow’s far-right activists: mapping the geopolitical assemblages of nativist and nationalist youth political party organizations 15 12:00 AM

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