Geospatial Health Research Symposium 13: Food environments and health

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2020
Start / End Time: 2:25 PM / 3:40 PM
Room: Virtual Track 1
Organizers: Trang VoPham, Michael Widener
Chairs: Trang VoPham

Virtual Attendance


Overview: Geographers, planners, and public health researchers have shown that numerous aspects of the built environment, including building and retail density, street design, open and green spaces, and infrastructure, are important determinants of health outcomes (e.g., obesity). Although some pathways through which the built environment may impact health outcomes are well established (e.g., physical activity), other pathways related to dietary behaviors are not well understood. This paper session seeks to bring together scientists in the disciplines of planning, epidemiology, and health and medical geography to discuss recent research at the intersection of food environments and health.

Potential topics include but are not limited to:
• Advances and applications in measuring the geography of food retail (e.g., incorporation of income, mobility, etc.)
• GIS-based methods for assessing the food environment
• Disparities in food access (e.g., according to race/ethnicity, sex, and age)
• Epidemiologic studies of the food environment and health outcomes
• Interactions between the food environment and other aspects of the built environment on health


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Andrew Stevenson*, McGill University, Clara Kaufmann, McGill University, Leia Minaker, University of Waterloo, Michael Widener, University of Toronto, Mylene Riva, McGill University, Rachel Colley, Statistics Canada Health Analysis Division, Nancy Ross, McGill University, New Canadian retail food access measures and their associations with diet and markers of cardiometabolic health 15 2:25 PM
Presenter Jerry Shannon*, University of Georgia, Cheap Food with a Price?: Dollar stores and residential segregation 15 2:40 PM
Presenter Amber DeJohn*, University of Toronto, Transit Access to Subsidized Food Stores in the American Midwest 15 2:55 PM
Presenter Trang VoPham*, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Michael J Widener, University of Toronto - St. George, Food environments and liver cancer 15 3:10 PM
Presenter Kelly Huh*, Cal Poly Pomona, Lena Abdullah, Cal Poly Pomona, Chelsea M. Williams, Cal Poly Pomona, Out of sight, out of mind? Relationship between obesity rate and fast food locations in Los Angeles County 15 3:25 PM

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