AI Technologies in Geospatial Events Analysis

Type: Paper
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Organizers: Qian Liu
Chairs: Qian Liu

Call for Submissions

Our session is to allow the attendees to discuss the current situation, development and future of AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning in Geospatial events detections and investigations. Our session is calling for work that is looking into the methods about how AI and big data related technologies can be involved in Geospatial events studies.


With the advancements of AI and Big Data techniques, machine and deep learning methods have investigated Geospatial phenomena and predicted natural events. These technologies have advantages such as high speed and efficiency compared with traditional retrievals. These studies are offered as a contribution to combine the advantage of AI methodology with the modeling of Geospatial phenomena, a relatively innovative domain needing more exploration.


Type Details Minutes
Presenter Qian Liu*, George Mason University, Chaowei Yang, George Mason University, Yun Li, George Mason University, Rainy Cloud Classification Based on Deep Neural Network Method Using IR and VIS Images 15

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