Author Meets Critics: The Power of Pragmatism: Knowledge Production and Social Inquiry

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Ethics, Justice, and Human Rights Specialty Group, Socialist and Critical Geography Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Organizers: Kathe Newman
Chairs: Robert Lake


Authors Meet Critics
The Power of Pragmatism: Knowledge Production and Social Inquiry
Edited by Jane Wills and Robert W. Lake
Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press

In Jane Wills and Robert W. Lake’s forthcoming edited volume The Power of Pragmatism: Knowledge Production and Social Inquiry, an international set of authors explores the pragmatist tradition and pragmatic approaches to social research. Collectively and individually, the contributors challenge researchers to think about why, how, and to what ends we engage in social research. Neither an abstract philosophical treatise nor a methods text, the book probes the practice of inquiry informed by pragmatism and considers the challenges to its implementation. As Wills and Lake (2020:3) explain, “In suggesting that pragmatism can be applied across the social sciences to diverse fields of research, The Power of Pragmatism advocates the adoption of a pragmatic approach that can advance the practice of social inquiry while enhancing the public impact of the work that is done.”

This panel brings the ensemble cast of the edited volume together with the “critics” to discuss pragmatism and social research.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Lynn Staeheli University of Arizona 12
Panelist Tim Schwanen University of Oxford 12
Discussant Robert Lake Rutgers University 12
Panelist Katherine Hankins Georgia State University 12
Panelist Anna Brand University of California, Berkeley 12
Panelist Hilda Kurtz University of Georgia 12
Introduction Kathe Newman Rutgers University 3

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