R.S.Tarr Student Poster Competition

Type: Guided Poster
Sponsor Groups: Cryosphere Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/8/2020
Start / End Time: 11:10 AM / 12:25 PM
Room: Agate A/B, Hyatt Regency, Third Floor
Organizers: Nathan Rowley
Chairs: Nathan Rowley


The R.S. Tarr Student Poster (Guided Poster) Competition is held annually for students of all academic levels (undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D.) who conduct research on topics within the cryosphere. This competition is in honor of Ralph Stockman Tarr, an American glaciologist and past president of the AAG, whose research was focused on Alaskan glaciers. Students are encouraged to submit a poster based on a portion of their research, and provide a brief presentation of their poster at the competition. The research must be primarily conducted by the student, however the students academic advisor(s) may be secondary authors. Multiple monetary awards will be presented for the best poster / research / presentation for the various academic levels. For questions regarding the R.S. Tarr competition, please contact Dr. Nathan Rowley (nsamador@owu.edu).


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Anna Zhu*, George Washington University, Kelsey Nyland, George Washington University, Anna Klene, University of Montana, Vegetation Influences on the Permafrost System: Temperature Monitoring on the North Slope of Alaska 5 11:10 AM
Presenter Mark Frawley*, Ohio Wesleyan University, Estimating Supraglacial melt lake evolution using remote sensing techniques in the Sermeq Kujalleq Ablation Region 5 11:15 AM
Presenter David Jensen*, Virginia Tech, Lynn Resler, Virginia Tech, Explanatory Spatial Modeling of St. Lawrence Island Landfast Ice Cover 5 11:20 AM
Presenter Logan Soldo*, Rutgers University, David A. Robinson, Rutgers University, Thomas L. Mote, University of Georgia, Snow Depth over Central North America: 1966-2018 5 11:25 AM
Presenter Jana MacInnis*, Central Washington University, Per-Organism Hyperspectral Properties of Snow Algae Exposed to Light at Different Life Cycle Stages 5 11:30 AM

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