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New Directions in Legal Geography

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Legal Geography Specialty Group
Organizers: Austin Kocher


Although research at the intersection of law and space has existed since at least the 1980s, legal geography is experiencing a resurgence of interest both within and beyond the discipline. This is due, in part, to the observation that the most pressing issues of today – global migration and immigrant detention, climate change, mass incarceration and police violence, the resurgence of white nationalism – are saturated with fundamental questions of law, space, and power. Within this context, and alongside the creation of the Legal Geography Specialty Group in 2017, publications such as the “The Expanding Spaces of Law” (2014) are sparking new theoretical and methodological conversations about the relationship between law, space, and power in this third-wave “postdisciplinary” turn in legal geography. Despite the bourgeoning interest in legal geography, however, relatively little time (and space) has been given to reflecting on the history of inclusions and exclusions within the sub-discipline. Moreover, there has been remarkably little discussion about how to: (1) chart a path forward that fully represents and embodies diverse scholarly identities and perspectives, (2) engages with theories and methodologies that could queer, decolonize, disable, and indigenize legal geography, and (3) critically confronts the various contemporary legal crises. In this panel discussion, we invite panelists and participants to discuss conceptual, methodological, and practical issues that shape the future of legal geography along these lines. We also invite conversation about how the Legal Geography Specialty Group can be a platform for innovative and critical new research while also confronting institutional barriers to equality and justice within our own field.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Nick Gill Exeter Unviesity 10
Panelist Pierpaolo Mudu University of Washington - Tacoma 10
Panelist Jodi Rios 15
Panelist Jayme Walenta University of Texas - Austin 15
Discussant Austin Kocher Syracuse University 10

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