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Area Development and Policy Annual Lecture 2020

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Economic Geography Specialty Group
Organizers: Dieter Kogler, Michael Dunford, Weidong Liu
Chairs: Michael Dunford


This presentation is the Annual Lecture for the journal Area Development and Policy which is owned by the Regional Studies Association (RSA). Further information about the Association and its funding activities are available from -

On Capitalism’s Cusp

Prof. Jamie Peck (University of British Columbia)

The future of capitalism, should it have one, is not where it used to be. The rise of China, the divergent development of the BRICs, the protracted crises of financialized capitalism and late-neoliberal governance, and the increasingly urgent recognition of system-threatening ecological limits have practically upended received readings, visions, and projections of capitalism’s future. This raises some challenging questions for those influential traditions (radical as well as conservative) of theorizing capitalism both by means of and from the perspective of its allegedly “frontal” forms, such as ascendant growth models, favored development paradigms or transition imaginaries. But if capitalism is not to be theorized frontally, with reference to its allegedly “advanced” forms, or indeed from supposed “peripheries” viewed in the same mirror, then how, and from where? Reflecting on these epistemological questions, the paper asks what it means to theorize capitalism “conjuncturally,” from positions and perspectives variously anchored, at least provisionally, in the vicinity of fault lines or border regions in the variegated world system. In this vein, it draws on the problematic of “Hong Kong as method,” understood as a distinctive place, position, and perspective from which to address questions about capitalism’s future(s).


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Weidong Liu Chinese Academy of Sciences 5
Panelist Jamie Peck University of British Columbia 45
Discussant Mia Bennett 10
Discussant David Meyer Washington University in St. Louis 10

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