Towards a geopolitics of economic geographies

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: European Specialty Group, Political Geography Specialty Group, Economic Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/8/2020
Start / End Time: 1:45 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Plaza Court 1, Sheraton, Concourse Level
Organizers: Christian Sellar
Chairs: Christian Sellar


Far from being an integrative discipline focused on the ‘reciprocity between the spatial and the social’ (Massey et al., 1999: 7), human geography has developed into increasingly separated subfields. Most obviously, there is a subject matter differentiation between economic geography’s focus on firms as pivotal actors in the modern economy, and political geography’s attention to organizations involved in politics (Muller 2015: 302). However, Recent efforts by Moisio and others are (re)building the foundations of a ‘political geography of economic geographies’ by working through the geopolitical foundation of the knowledge based economy (2019). In addition to these efforts, urban geographers never lost sight of the entrepreneurial nature of urban governance, from classics by Logan & Molotch (1976) and Harvey (1989) to more recent work by Martin Jones (2019).

This session aims at furthering the re-integration of political-economy themes in geography by inviting an explicit conversation between economic, political, and urban geographers. It particularly invites contributions from economic geographers emphasizing the role of states in their research, political geographers discussing the geopolitical foundations of economic practices, and urban geographers reflecting on the reorganization of urban spaces as driven by transnational capitalism. We are particularly interested in a) showcasing how the subdisciplines illustrate and conceptualize the grey areas between firms and governments behavior, b) discussing the interactions and crossfertilization between firms’ internationalization and the transnationalization of state and urban bureaucracies, and c) begin a methodological discussion on how to circumvent barriers preventing political and economic geographers to write across subdisciplinary boundaries.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Donald Planey*, Geography, University Of Illinois, Urbana Champaign - Urbana, IL, Performing Regional Geopolitics: Economic Development, Events, and Post-Recession City-Region Building in “Chicagoland” 15 1:45 PM
Presenter Christian Sellar*, University of Mississippi, Silvia Grandi, University of Bologna, The geopolitical role of financial institutions. Italy’s international public financing as pivot between government policies and firms’ internationalization 15 2:00 PM
Presenter Merje Kuus*, University of British Columbia, China in the Arctic: geoeconomic competition and the transformation of the Arctic Council 15 2:15 PM
Presenter Feras Klenk*, University of Arizona, South Arabian Geopolitics: Omani visions of a post-oil economy 15 2:30 PM
Presenter Jun Wang*, City University of Hong Kong, Yujing Tan, Leiden University, Imaging the flying Panda: The people-to-people network in China’s Makers’ Journey to the West program 15 2:45 PM

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