Political Geographies of Refugees and Asylum Seekers I

Type: Paper
Theme: Ethnonationalism and Exclusion Around the World
Sponsor Groups: Political Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 9:35 AM / 10:50 AM
Room: Silver, Sheraton, IM Pei Tower, Majestic Level
Organizers: Reece Jones, Corey Johnson
Chairs: Corey Johnson


Over the past decade, the iconic image of migrants worldwide has shifted from the laborer seeking work and opportunity in a new country to the desperate migrant family seeking refuge. Mobilities and border scholarship has not kept apace with the rapid, dramatic shifts in human movement and state-migrant encounters, which occur in a wide range of spaces including camps, territorial borderlines, immigration courts, and receiving communities. This session seeks original papers that contribute toward understanding the political geographies of refugees and asylum seekers around the world. In the U.S., the number of asylum applications has grown more than 400% over the last decade, with most of that growth coming since President Donald Trump made slowing immigration of all types the cornerstone of his campaign. While most European countries have seen decreasing asylum applications following peaks in 2015, Germany, France, Greece, and Italy remain common destinations. Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, and numerous other countries have seen large increases in the number of refugees as a result of tumult in neighboring states. These developments have placed the post-WWII frameworks built to deal with displaced persons under considerable strain, as wealthier states that wrote the rules seek more creative ways to limit migration, and those people on the move seek to negotiate narrowing pathways to safety.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Micheline Van Riemsdijk*, Uppsala University, Governance of Highly Skilled Refugees’ Labor Market Entry in Sweden 15 9:35 AM
Presenter Lewis Dowle*, University of St Andrews, The Reactionary Border: Mobilities, Asylum and Triggering Migration 15 9:50 AM
Presenter Kara Dempsey*, Appalachian State University, Spaces of violence: Geographies of violence against migrants seeking asylum in the EU 15 10:05 AM
Presenter Borjana Lubura*, Geography and Environment, University of Hawaii - Manoa, Toward geopolitics of hope: Moving beyond border-violence intersections along the Balkan Route 15 10:20 AM
Presenter Eszter Kovacs*, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, Tatiana A Thieme, University of College London, Kavita Ramakrishnan, University of East Anglia, Thinking beyond 'crisis'? Provincialising fractured European politics of migration 15 10:35 AM

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