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Anne Haila's Work on Rent, Land, and Beyond

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Ute Lehrer


This panel will bring together scholars, critically engaging with the work of Anne Haila (1953 - 2019). Anne's vision of a critical urban sociology, largely based on a close and classical reading of political economy, exceeded many boundaries both disciplinary and territorial. Her work focused on Singapore, Hongkong and Helsinki, producing articles and books that have become standard setting in the area. Her book Urban Land Rent: Singapore as a Property State is widely considered one of the most important publications in the field, and her article on “Four Types of Investment in Land and Property” has become a classic. Anne was one of the key scholars entirely at ease speaking across the discursive continental divides of Europe, Asia and North America. She was an honest and frank observer of circumstances around her and she was ready to confront uneasy realities. The participants of this panel, experts in their own right, will take up various aspects of her work from the past thirty year.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Ute Lehrer York University 5
Panelist Robert Beauregard Columbia University 13
Discussant Fulong Wu University College London 13
Discussant Mi Shih Rutgers University 13
Panelist Kenton Card University of California - Los Angeles 13
Panelist Mika Hyotylainen University of Helsinki 13

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