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Questions of Geography, Education, and Justice

Type: Lightning Paper
Sponsor Groups: Critical Geographies of Education Specialty Group
Organizers: Nicole Nguyen, Alice Huff, Dan Cohen
Chairs: Nicole Nguyen


Over the last five years, geographers have worked toward developing a more cohesive field of critical geographies of education that centers struggles for educational justice and that takes seriously how co-constitutive ordering systems like racism and colonialism shape, and are shaped by, education. For this lightning round session (10+ presentations of five minutes each), we invite scholars to reflect on and discuss the current state of the field. This discussion will be organized around three main questions:

The concept of education often is used interchangeably with school without consideration of other spaces of learning. What do we miss when we limit ourselves to school as primary sites of education and what can we learn from communities that have never had control over their schools and therefore have had to extend the geographies of education outside the space of the school?

What can we learn from fights for education reform? What lessons and geographic insights can we gain from their successes and failures?

How can the field continue to ethically support community struggles for educational justice while being reflexive about the unique power dynamics such work creates?


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Nicole Nguyen University of Illinois - Chicago 5 12:00 AM
Presenter Melisa Arganaraz*, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Learning Leadership and Activism: Immigrant Latinx Youth Alternative Spaces of Education 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Caroline Ponder*, University of British Columbia, Jackson Peoples School 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Alice Huff*, UCLA, What Can Geographers Learn from Community-controlled Educative Spaces? 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Gloria Howerton*, , Education beyond the "typical" classroom: Lessons from Mexican American Studies 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Jill Williams*, University of Arizona, Sara Tolbert, University of Canterbury, Finding the Capacity to Resist: Science Classrooms as Sites of/for Resistance 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Reecia Orzeck*, Illinois State University, Strategies for challenging existing geographical imaginaries when teaching US students about the Middle East 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Chuchen Pan*, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Race and Labor in Milwaukee's (Counter) Charter School Movements 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Rob Neff*, Towson University, Racial and Economic Segregation in Baltimore's Public School System: The Complex Role of Charter Schools 7 12:00 AM
Presenter Nicole Nguyen*, University of Illinois - Chicago, Supporting Struggles for Educational Justice: Participatory Ethics, Responsible Research, and Social Movements 7 12:00 AM
Discussant Dan Cohen Queen's University 7 12:00 AM

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