Recruiting Future Geographers: Two-Year Colleges as a Gateway for Recruiting Students to the Discipline

Type: Panel
Theme: Expanding the Community of Geography
Sponsor Groups: Careers and Professional Development, Community College Affinity Group, Undergraduate Student Affinity Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 1:45 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Mineral Hall B, Hyatt Regency, Third Floor
Organizers: Mark Revell, Patrick Shabram, Jacqueline Housel
Chairs: Patrick Shabram


"Community colleges provide an essential stepping stone for a large range of demographics. Enrolling 35% of undergraduates and having enrolled 49% of bachelor's recipients, community colleges develop the skills to craft scientists, engineers, doctors, scientific literates, and technicians (Ginder et al., 2019; National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, 2017). According to a report of US students in 1999 and 2000 by J. Tsapogas (2004), half of baccalaureate science and engineering graduates and one-third of master's recipients had enrolled at a community college. By the year 2018, it was predicted that 12.3% of STEM jobs will be held by associate degree holders (Carnevale et al., 2017). For the one half of students who are first-generation, the concept of and requirements for transferring to a four-year college are foreign (Gardner, 1996). Preparing community college students to transfer to four-year colleges and/or the workforce is essential, as these students are predicted to represent large percentages of the upcoming workforce" (Pawloski and Shabram, "Building Engagement in STEM Through Career Courses at Two-Year Institutions," Journal of College Science Teaching, 2019).

Topics discussed will include: (1) The state of geography at two-year colleges. (2) Ways that two-year and four-year (and graduate) schools have successfully partnered to expand geography enrollments. (3) Research and professional internship opportunities targeting community college students. (4) How two-year and four-year institutions can work together moving forward.


Type Details Minutes
Discussant Patrick Shabram Front Range Community College 15
Discussant Jacqueline Housel Sinclair College 15
Panelist Blake Mayberry Red Rocks Community College 15
Panelist M. DeVivo 15
Panelist Victoria Hodson Columbia College 15

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