UAS Symposium: Paper Session 1: Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles to landscape research at small extents

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Remote Sensing Specialty Group, Landscape Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:15 AM
Room: Governors Square 14, Sheraton, Concourse Level
Organizers: Anthony Cummings, Stephanie Rogers, Kunwar Singh
Chairs: Katherine Markham

Call for Submissions

This paper session explores the use of UAS in studying small extent landscapes and how their rapid advancement is transforming our knowledge of the landscape.


The use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and remotely piloted aircraft have drastically changed how geographers study landscapes. UAS allows us to take rapid and repeated measurements and fill the gap between in-situ methods and satellite remote sensing, changing the scale at which we can study landscapes. Their use is transforming our understanding of the environment, ecology, agriculture, and other related fields. UAS are increasingly used to study small extent areas and can often effectively replace terrestrial methods of data collection. For example, UAS data are used to capture small extent gaps in the canopy that most satellite imagery would not detect and that would be more time-consuming to measure in-situ.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Michael Edward Hodgson*, University of South Carolina, Silvia Elena Piovan, University of Padova, Small Unmanned Airborne System for Image Collection of Canopy Covered Incised Stream 15 8:00 AM
Presenter Claire Gilbert*, , Analysis of Wetland Species Interaction with Spatial Extent and Density of Associated Vegetation Types in Ludington State Park, Michigan 15 8:15 AM
Presenter Chippie Kislik*, UC Berkeley, Laurel Genzoli, University of Montana, Maggi Kelly, UC Berkeley, Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery to Quantify Benthic Primary Producer Assemblages in the Lower Klamath River, California 15 8:30 AM
Presenter Gernot Paulus*, School of Geoinformation, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Karl-Heinrich Anders, School of Geoinformation, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Peter Mayr, iC flussbau GmbH, Rudi Schneeberger, Viewcopter e.U., Thomas Piechl, Carinthian Provincial Government, Department 8 Environment, Water and Nature Conservation , UAS MultiView Stereo Photogrammetry for Shallow Water Bathymetry in Lakes: Empirical Comparison with Echo Sounding Reference Data 15 8:45 AM
Presenter Grayson Morgan*, University of South Carolina, Michael Hodgson, University of South Carolina, Determining a Confidence Interval for Repeat sUAS Imagery to Assess Vegetation Cover Change 15 9:00 AM

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