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Digital Political Ecologies of Food Systems: 1

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group, Digital Geographies Specialty Group, Geographies of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group
Organizers: Eric Nost, Lauren Drakopulos
Chairs: Eric Nost


In the face of environmental crises and economic pressures from a globalized food economy, robotics, surveillance technologies such as drones and analytics “driven” by data from sensors are touted as essential to finding more ecologically sustainable and economically efficient methods of producing food. Similarly, digital platforms are reshaping the social and spatial relationships of food consumption. Tracking devices aimed at food chain transparency allow consumers to, for example, follow their fish from hook to fork. The spaces of food activism have been equally transformed through social media and peer-to-peer technologies which, for example, allow food workers to report labor abuses in the fields or on the high seas. Critical food scholarship in political ecology examines power and inequality in food systems, the implications for access to land and resources, and the impacts of capitalist systems of production on more-than-human lives. As digital technologies become more ubiquitous, we bring these concerns of political ecology together with critical data studies to examine how the digitization of food production and consumption are reconfiguring food systems and with what outcomes for humans and the environment.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Randall Amster*, Georgetown University, Empty Kilobytes? The Peril and Promise of ‘Digital Food’ 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Melissa Bernardo*, Florida International University, Miami’s Instagram Farmers: Increasing the Resilience of Agricultural Livelihoods in South Florida through Social Media Platforms 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Alexander Tarr*, Worcester State University, Mai Nguyen, sustainable grain farmer, Farmers Aren’t for Following: How Social Media Undermine Small-Scale, Diversified Farm Systems 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Annika Pissin*, Lund University, Eric Clark, Lund University , The role of municipal websites in the development of small-scale farms in Sweden: Barriers or facilitators? 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Joshua Lohnes*, West Virginia University, The Mathematical Violence of Nutrition Calculus in the U.S. Food Safety Net 15 12:00 AM

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