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Sanctuary & Birthing at the Borders

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Jen Bagelman
Chairs: Sydney Calkin


As we witness the intensification of hostile border controls, we also witness people resisting these violent developments in powerful ways. This panel explores one particularly powerful expression of resistance: the ‘sanctuary city.’ Though diverse, the underlying goal of this movement is to ensure that all residents, regardless of legal status, have safe access to local services. In order to concretize this ambition, many sanctuary cities are targeting specific service sectors—chief among them, health care. Through campaigns like #docsnotcops medical practitioners are being encouraged to fulfil their ‘do no harm’ oath by refusing to comply with exclusionary immigration law. Within this sanctuary context, our panel pays particular attention to the complex landscape of maternal migrant care. Our aim is to better understand the unique struggles facing migrant mothers with precarious status who are, at once, unfavorably positioned at the center of immigration debates, yet often rendered peripheral to basic care. This panel explores these questions across a variety of diverse geographies. In addition to making space for academic voices (Geraldine Pratt, Jen Bagelman, Sydney Calkin, Austin Kocher and Maria Fannin) in this session will hear from local organizers (ie: Denver Sanctuary Coalition) working with and for migrant justice networks.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Maria Fannin University of Bristol 15
Panelist Sydney Calkin 15
Panelist Austin Kocher Syracuse University 15
Panelist Jen Bagelman Newcastle University 15
Discussant Geraldine Pratt University Of British Columbia 15

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