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Modes of study and world-making in geography: Convening a community of practice within and beyond education

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Critical Geographies of Education Specialty Group, Socialist and Critical Geography Specialty Group, Latin America Specialty Group
Organizers: Fiona Gladstone, Araby Smyth
Chairs: Fiona Gladstone


“Key controversies in the politics of study are about the conflicts between promoters of different modes of study--in association with different modes of world-making--as they struggle for access to, and composition of, potential means of study.” (Eli Meyerhoff, Beyond Education)

We seek panelists for a conversation regarding the history and contemporary practice of geographers within what Eli Meyerhoff terms “alternative modes of study” (2019, 13). While AAG attendees are largely professionalized academics bound up in the education-based mode of study, many also engage in other types of pedagogical spaces involving alternative modes of world-making with varying degrees of separation from the romantic, and problematic, ideal of “education” (ibid). Such engagements include, but are not limited to, engagements within traditions of Freirian popular education and social movements, modes of study within the context of social fieldwork or within the “undercommons” of universities, and involvements within experimental and alternative pedagogical institutions (for example, experimental colleges, free schools, anarchist skools, and indigenous universities). How do geographers insert ourselves into conflicts between different modes of study (and hence, world-making), and in projects to redistribute or rework the means of knowledge production? What experiences, challenges and achievements can we share from these engagements? We organize this panel to convene a community of practice around these critical questions.

Meyerhoff E. 2019. Beyond Education. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press:1-281.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Joseph Bryan Department of Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder 10
Panelist Jennifer Casolo Universidad Rafael Landívar-ILI 10
Panelist Shaundra Cunningham University of Tennessee 10
Panelist Araby Smyth University of Kentucky 10
Panelist Fiona Gladstone University of Arizona - School of Geography and Development 10
Discussant Tad Mutersbaugh University of Kentucky 10

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