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Roundtable 1: Graduate Mentoring and Transformative Engagement in the Masculinist and White Supremacist Academy.

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Harassment-Free AAG Initiative
Organizers: Amy Trauger, Jennifer Rice
Chairs: Jennifer Rice


The academic #metoo movement brought to the surface submerged stories about the lived experience of women in academia, but failed to grapple with how this is both intersectional and a product of masculinist privilege. Feminists, queers and people of color in academia cope with hostile workplaces in various ways before, during and after #metoo came to the surface. This roundtable session is meant to bring leaders and scholars together to discuss both the problems and the solutions to gender-based and sexual harassment and discrimination, in particular focusing on how to transform graduate education, networking and mentoring that is shaped by white-cis-heteropatriarchy and masculinist privilege. The panelists will share their experiences and writings on harassment and discrimination, followed by brainstorming and sharing ways to foster change.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Ann Bartos University of Auckland 12
Panelist Darla Munroe Ohio State University 12
Discussant Rashad Shabazz Arizona State University 12
Discussant Caroline Faria University of Texas - Austin 12
Panelist Rachelle Berry University of Georgia 12
Panelist Annie Elledge University of Texas - Austin 12

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