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Author Meets Critics: 'Intimate Geopolitics: Love, Territory, and the Future on India’s Northern Threshold'

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Mabel Gergan, Pavithra Vasudevan
Chairs: Jennifer Fluri


This panel is a discussion of Sara Smith's forthcoming book, "Intimate Geopolitics: Love, Territory, and the Future on India’s Northern Threshold", published by Rutgers University Press. Sara Smith is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Intimate Geopolitics, examines how religion, population, and voting blocs in the Himalayan region of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, are implicitly tied to territorial sovereignty, and how marriage across religious borders becomes a geopolitical problem in an area that seeks to define insiders and outsiders in relation to borders and national identity. This book populates territory, a conventionally abstract rendering of space, with the stories of those who live through territorial struggle at marriage and birth ceremonies, in the kitchen and in the bazaar, in heartbreak and in joy. Intimate Geopolitics argues for the incorporation of the role of time – temporality – into our understanding of territory. (For more about the book follow this link:


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Pavithra Vasudevan University of Texas - Austin 5
Panelist Natalie Oswin McGill University 12
Panelist Emily Yeh University of Colorado 12
Panelist Rupak Shrestha University of Colorado, Boulder 12
Panelist Ather Zia University of Northern Colorado 12
Discussant Jennifer Fluri University of Colorado, Boulder 12
Discussant Sara H. Smith University of North Carolina 10

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