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Urban Geography Specialty Group Early Career Scholar Panel: Decolonizing urban geography through mixed methodologies?

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Urban Geography Specialty Group, Careers and Professional Development
Organizers: Rachel Bok, Sarah Heck


Within urban geography there is a strong interest in decolonizing knowledge production and reframing, retheorizing and deprivileging Western and hegemonic ways of knowing. The call for greater attention to multiple and diverse ways of knowing offers the opportunity for a more explicit focus on decolonial methodologies. Bringing together early career scholars in urban geography and urban studies across a range of methodological expertise (and epistemologies), this Urban Geography Specialty Group panel seeks to reflect on just how well existing geographic research methodologies and methods in urban research are addressing decolonial challenges – i.e., issues of power, ideology, justice, socio-spatial dispossession, difference, etc., and what we can do better. We are particularly interested in generating a rich discussion addressing the challenges of reworking methodologies and their associated methods in the 'urban' that are cognizant of historical and ongoing colonial power relations embedded within the research process in cities across the globe.

Potential topics include:
- Methodological challenges and opportunities of decentering ‘damage narratives‘ (Tuck, 2009) in social-science research
- Co-production of knowledge
- Reclaiming, refusing, reworking conventional methods/ ‘masters tools’ (Lorde, 1983) of geographical research – i.e., the map, the field site, the archive, etc.
- Politics of visibility and invisibility
- Tension in objects v subjects of research
- Practicing reflexivity in the research process


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Maria Khristine Alvarez 10
Panelist Hung-Ying Chen Durham University 10
Panelist Zac Taylor KU Leuven 10
Panelist Akira Rodriguez PennDesign 10
Panelist Caroline Ponder University of British Columbia 10
Panelist Dillon Mahmoudi University of Maryland - Baltimore County 10

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