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We teach Geography of Religion... and so can you!

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Geography of Religions and Belief Systems Specialty Group
Organizers: Nathan Burtch
Chairs: Nathan Burtch


Many introductory cultural or human geography courses contain a section or unit on the spatiality of religion. Despite the prevalence of the topic within cultural geography, few academic programs offer courses solely devoted to understanding the geography of religions and belief systems, or related topics such as sacred spaces. This panel discussion brings together academics that have taught standalone courses related to the geographic study of religions. The panel will share concepts that have been pedagogically fruitful along with information on successful modes of learning. We encourage attendees interested in developing their own courses involving the spatial study of religions and belief systems to join in as part of the panel discussion.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Nathan Burtch George Mason University 15
Panelist David Rutherford University of Mississippi 15
Panelist Maxim Samson DePaul University 15
Panelist Caitie Finlayson University of Mary Washington 15
Panelist Nathan Burtch George Mason University 15

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