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12th Annual GORABS Lecture: Shadowed Ground, Sacred Place: Reflections on Memory, Memorials and the Spatiality of Public Commemorative Rituals

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Geography of Religions and Belief Systems Specialty Group
Organizers: Vincent Artman
Chairs: Vincent Artman


This is the 12th annual GORABS Lecture. This year's lecture, by Dr. Ken Foote, will focus on public memory and commemoration and how these crosscut traditional concepts of ritual and sacred place, in three ways. First, Dr. Foote considers recent traumas and their consequences for changing patterns and processes of memorialization in the American and European landscapes. Second, he considers how the creation of these memorials is expanding the repertoire of ritual spaces in contemporary society as well as providing settings for debate over religious expression, public versus private expressions of grief and bereavement, and individual versus collective control of the sacred. The talk will close by reflecting on the theoretical significance of these developments and offering a spatial perspective on ritual practice in contemporary society.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Vincent Artman Miami University 15 12:00 AM
Discussant Kenneth Foote University of Connecticut 60 12:00 AM

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