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Advances in Sharing Geospatial Data: The International Geospatial Health Research Network (IGHRN) and the NSF funded Geospatial Virtual Data Enclave (GVDE)

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Mei-Po Kwan
Chairs: Mei-Po Kwan


Panelists will describe two inter-related and innovative programs designed to foster greater access to and sharing of geospatial health research, including research involving confidential geospatial data. First, the International Geospatial Health Research Network (IGHRN), founded in 2014 and coordinated by a Steering Committee of its founding members, is developing IGHRN Hubs at three Universities: the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Asia), Harvard University (North America), and Utrecht University (Europe), to facilitate the sharing of geographic and geospatial health data and resources among international global health providers and institutes around the world to improve health research. Secondly, we will discuss a related NSF-funded Geospatial Virtual Data Enclave program, which opens up new ways to advance cutting edge research by enabling NSF and NIH researchers, and others, to overcome current obstacles to sharing, accessing, building on, and replicating research that involves confidential geospatial research data. Together, in times of international health emergencies, these two innovative programs can also play a role in sharing findings across borders and generating synergies to respond effectively to such events


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Douglas Richardson Harvard University 5
Panelist Mei-Po Kwan Chinese University of Hong Kong 5
Discussant Xun Shi Dartmouth College 5
Discussant Weihe Guan Harvard University 5
Discussant Suhong Zhou Sun Yat-Sen University 5
Panelist Coline Dony American Association of Geographers 5
Panelist Junghwan Kim University of Illinois 5
Panelist Bing She 5
Discussant Jue Wang University of Toronto 5

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