Value Capture 2

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Economic Geography Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 9:35 AM / 10:50 AM
Room: Tower Court A, Sheraton, IM Pei Tower, Second Floor Level
Organizers: Renee Tapp, Hung-Ying Chen
Chairs: Hung-Ying Chen


For cities and states with big dreams but limited budgets, value capture is quickly emerging as a silver bullet strategy to finance urban development. The premise is simple: cities should recover the value generated by public expenditures from private property owners. Leveraging regulatory tools and public financing instruments—taxation, fees, permits, rights, options, bonds, trust, and local service agreements—cities unlock value in the under-utilized built environment, bolster demand for these assets in the private sector, and reclaim value at a later date. While value capture unites a wide range of urban actors from central and
local states to think tanks, development banks, and Keynesian economists, critics argue that in practice value capture is a resource frontier to channel windfall gains. These critiques ultimately call into question the state’s ability to wrestle value back from the private sector and financial markets. At both an empirical and conceptual level, the emergence of value capture interweaves fiscal geographies (Tapp and Kay 2019) with real estate financing (Chen 2019; O’Neill 2018; Tapp 2019; Weber 2016) as the cyclical imperative of devaluing and revaluing property (Knuth et. al 2019) becomes both the means and ends that drive urban futures (Dunning et al. 2019).

This session brings together scholars and researchers working across the globe on issues related to the promises, operations, and pitfalls of value capture.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Renan Pereira Almeida*, Universidade Federal De Sao Joao del-Rei, Limits to Land Value Capture 15 9:35 AM
Presenter Wonseok Park*, Daegu University, Application Characteristics of Private Funds in Rental Housing Supply in Major EU Member States : Comparative Case Analysis of France, Netherlands and Germany 15 9:50 AM
Presenter Joe Penny*, , Urban Land Value Capture in London: The cruel optimism of lean-in neoliberal urbanism 15 10:05 AM
Presenter Sarah Knuth*, Department of Geography, Durham University, Capturing Green Value? Clean Energy’s Speculative Fiscal Geographies 15 10:20 AM
Discussant Kathe Newman Rutgers University 15 10:35 AM

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