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New voices in digital geographies

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Digital Geographies Specialty Group
Organizers: Sam Kinsley
Chairs: Sam Kinsley


To celebrate the launch of the journal Digital Geography and Society, this panel session invites a conversation about the kinds of ‘digital’ geographies that anyone with an interest in ‘digital geographies’ wish to see and that we wish to champion. In doing so we hope to draw attention to the exciting work being produced by scholars whose contributions are emergent. The panel session is structured in two parts: invited scholars offering short (approx. 5-minute) ‘provocations’ or ‘think-pieces’; and then: the floor will be opened to wider conversation. Our aim is to be plural and yet inclusive, to be respectful of diverse perspectives and to welcome a wide range of interpretations of the directions in which we might take ‘digital geographies’.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Sam Kinsley University of Exeter 8
Panelist Casey Lynch University of Nevada - Reno 8
Panelist Lauren Drakopulos University of Guelph 8
Panelist Jathan Sadowski The University of Sydney 8
Discussant Ryan Burns University of Calgary 8
Panelist Emma Fraser University of Leeds 8
Discussant Nabeela Ahmed University of Sheffield 8
Discussant Jessica McLean Macquarie University 8
Discussant Emma Slager University of Washington - Tacoma 8

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