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Urban Revolution in the Global South: New Directions in Theory and Practice

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Priti Narayan, Ben Gerlofs


Rapidly growing cities in the Global South signal Lefebvrian urban revolutions, “transformations that affect contemporary society,” both sudden and gradual, planned and unplanned (2003 [1970], p. 5). Using the idea of urban revolution as a jump-off point, this panel session aims to facilitate conversation around new and emergent modes of thinking and doing urbanism from a variety of geographic perspectives, especially from the Global South. Drawing inspiration also from Roy’s (2009) invitation to build ‘new geographies of theory’, in this session we will invite panelists to explore concepts, social practices, and methods, however provisional, developed through fieldwork or other kinds of located research, in service to a both broader and deeper urban geographical imaginary, and new South-South conversations.


Lefebvre, H. (2003 [1970]). The Urban Revolution. University of Minnesota Press.

Roy, A. (2009). The 21st century metropolis: New geographies of theory. Regional Studies, 43(6), 819-830.

Roy, A. (2011). Slumdog cities: Rethinking subaltern urbanism. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 35(2), 223-238.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Aparna Parikh Dartmouth College 15
Panelist Ben Gerlofs Princeton University 15
Panelist Priti Narayan Rutgers University 15
Panelist Yang Yang National University Of Singapore 15
Discussant Natalie Koch Syracuse University 15

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