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A Code of Conduct for Radical Inclusion I: Practicing Solidarity, Mutual Aid, and Intersectionality

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Socialist and Critical Geography Specialty Group, Feminist Geographies Specialty Group, Harassment-Free AAG Initiative
Organizers: Levi Van Sant, Andrea Miller
Chairs: Mona Domosh


Despite efforts within the Socialist and Critical Geography specialty group and across the discipline, racial and gender-based harassment, intimidation, and violence continue to characterize purportedly radical academic spaces. In response to one particularly dramatic example of such an attack at AAG 2019, the Socialist and Critical Geography specialty group decided to develop its own Code of Conduct—one that goes beyond the existing organizational model of the AAG and aspires to be proactive and prescriptive rather than simply punitive. This session will circulate the Code of Conduct and open with a brief introduction by some of its authors describing the process of producing it and some of the tensions encountered. Panelists will then be asked to reflect on the following questions: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the code? What can such a code do, and what are its limits? More broadly, how can social movement and anti-oppression political practices and frameworks, such as solidarity, mutual aid, and intersectionality, guide our efforts to create a radically inclusive academic culture?


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Andrea Miller University of California - Davis 15
Discussant Lorraine Dowler Penn State University 15
Discussant Catherine Jampel Clark University 5
Discussant Christian Keeve University of Wisconsin - Madison 5
Discussant Erin Goodling 5
Discussant Charmaine Chua University of California, Santa Barbara 5

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