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Planning for Transition

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Senior Geographers Organization Affinity Group
Organizers: Fred Shelley


As we go through our professional and personal lives, we encounter many types of transitions. For many of us, past or impending retirement is an important transition in our lives. Retirement affects our professional activities and our relationships with our colleagues. The transition process for some academics can be influenced by phased retirement programs and/or opportunities to continue to teach in one’s department or other departments. Of course, retirement also involves financial issues, family relationships, and in some cases health concerns.

But retirement is by no means the only transition that affects all of us we go through the cycle of life. Transitions include those involving one’s family and relationships with romantic partners, children, elderly parents, and other persons who occupy important roles in our lives. Our own physician and mental health, and that of those around us, also can occupy our time. These affect our professional actions and activities, as well as our personal lives.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist William Rense 10
Panelist Alexander Murphy University of Oregon 10
Panelist Sarah Bednarz Texas A&M University 10
Panelist Richard Marston Kansas State University 10

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