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Our Dangerous Desires I: the power of pleasure, touch, hope, & all good things we don’t need your permission to do

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Jack Gieseking, Sarah Hunt
Chairs: Nari Senanayake


Where do we find desire in geography? How do we desire? Do we desire geography, or desire geographically? And why is desire, at times, still a dangerous topic in the field? This session brings together activist-artist-scholars-friends-and-colleagues who are interested in spending time together and sharing aspects of our work that build momentum, passion, pleasure, motivation, energy, creativity and radical possibilities. We desire despite disciplinary and disciplining structures that attempt to confine us. Sparked by a collective yearning (dare we say desire) to center aspects of our scholarship that are often dismissed as peripheral, unimportant, leaky, flaky, overly-embodied or -emotional, dirty, or otherwise problematic--what we borrow from Amber Hollibaugh (2000) as our “dangerous desires”--we insist on centering the lived, practiced, messy, fun and fleshy aspects of scholarly work. Significantly, in bringing together queer, Indigenous, racialized, trans, and feminist scholars across our diverse areas of research, this session nourishes communities of radicality that we argue pose a threat to disciplinary norms and expectations. In conversation with scholarly writing, contributors to this session will draw on and share poetry, stories, comix, visual art, performance, and other non-traditional academic formats to reflect on desire--and the tensions and prohibitions placed on our desires--in ways that are self-directed and self-determining, as well as collaborative and transformative. The first session will include a panel with all participants; the latter will be a breakout session for further conversation. At both sessions, we will pass the hat to collect funds for the Center on Colfax, Colorado’s LGBTQ Center.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Sarah Hunt University of British Columbia 15
Panelist Sarah De Leeuw University of Northern British Columbia 10
Panelist Jack Gieseking University of Kentucky 10
Panelist Michelle Daigle University of British Columbia 10
Discussant Madeline Whetung University of British Columbia 10
Discussant Vanessa Sloan Morgan University of Northern British Columbia 10
Discussant May Farrales University of Northern British Columbia 10

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