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Market/Place: Exploring Spaces of Exchange

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Christian Berndt, Jamie Peck
Chairs: Christian Berndt


This panel discussion features a number of contributors to the edited collection, Market/Place: Exploring Spaces of Exchange (to be published by Agenda Publishers in 2020, co-edited by Christian Berndt, Jamie Peck and Norma M. Rantisi). The objective of the book is to advance a pluralist research program on the critical study of markets and marketization -- one that can offer an alternative to the dominant neoclassical account of 'the' Market as a self-regulating, universal system by analyzing the spatiality and diversity of concrete small-m markets. The book seeks to (re)claim the terrain of the market for heterodox, substantive, critical inquiry and elucidate the (always) instituted, hybrid, networked and contested character of markets. By foregrounding markets as variegated constructs that are 'always in the making', or 'marketization', such a project seeks to break with the essentialist conception that underpins the neoclassical model as well as those critical heterodox accounts that present the 'Market' as a hegemonic and uniform force. In this session, the panelists will provide brief commentaries on their respective chapters to the edited volume and what they contribute to a pluralist project of 'placing' markets and marketization.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Norma Rantisi Concordia University 15
Panelist Philip Ashton University of Illinois-Chicago 15
Panelist Marc Boeckler University of Frankfurt 15
Panelist Dan Cohen Queen's University 15
Panelist Kuni Kamizaki University of Toronto 15

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