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Walking the Tightrope: Practical Ideas for Women in Geography on Design Thinking

Type: Workshop
Sponsor Groups: Careers and Professional Development
Organizers: Patricia Solís


Join us for the seventh annual workshop in a series of themes addressing career advancement and success for women in Geography. This year’s workshop will explore practical ideas for women in geography and GIS to integrate a Design Thinking into career advancement. The tools shared around Design Thinking support a growth mindset for envisioning a career, managing uncertainty, and seeking new experiences. Whether it is negotiating for salaries or raises, or advocating for broader improvements in the professional landscape, the Design Thinking mindset fosters clear communication, time management, and success. The workshop will begin with personal and group reflection on needs, priorities and strategies for change. It continues with awareness and capacity to convey a vision and the path to reach that vision. Other key dimensions include the courage and support system to vocalize, counteract interruptions, and speak in timely moments from positions of strength, and with clear voices. Women at any career stage are invited to participate in this interactive workshop, where we will share experiences, discuss design strategies to find solutions, and identify practical ways to build skills such as active listening and negotiating. We promote inclusive ways that women across categories of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, and able-bodiedness can understand and support each other and our diversity. Our workshop promotes the practice of finding and amplifying your voice to transcend challenges and grasp opportunities in women’s careers.


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