The Ethnic Geography Specialty Group Honors Dr. Qingfang Wang with the Distinguished Scholar Award: “Creative Class”, Entrepreneurship, and Underserved Communities

Type: Panel
Theme: Ethnonationalism and Exclusion Around the World
Sponsor Groups: Ethnic Geography Specialty Group, Population Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:15 AM
Room: Columbine, Sheraton, IM Pei Tower, Terrace Level
Organizers: Emily Skop
Chairs: Shaolu Yu


This session explores Dr. Qingfang Wang's work and investigates creative entrepreneurship in traditionally disadvantaged city spaces, by addressing how art and cultural businesses are engaged with local communities and how the engagement impacts both creative entrepreneurial activities and the communities. It demonstrates that, using their business ventures as both economic and social enterprises, the art and culture entrepreneurs are deeply involved in neighborhood revitalization and community development. These activities provide both tangible and intangible resources identified as critical to the development of artistic production in traditionally underserved communities, including opportunities to build and maintain social capital, peer networks, sense of community, and a shared identity. In particular, race, class, and entrepreneurship interact with each other and are manifested through artistic placemaking, as well as serving as agents of community change. Bringing in literature of economic geography and community development, this panel emphasizes the diversity and fluidity of the entrepreneurial process, highlights the two-way relationship between entrepreneurs and their embeddedness of community, and underscores how these businesses simultaneously escalate social entrepreneurship through collaboration across community. It also provides significant policy and practice implications related to urban revitalization and economic development through creative entrepreneurship when equity and inclusion are concerned.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Emily Skop The University Of Colorado At Colorado Springs 5
Panelist Qingfang Wang University of California, Riverside 15
Panelist Paul McDaniel Kennesaw State University 10
Panelist Joanna Woronkowicz 10
Panelist Elizabeth Chacko The George Washington University 10
Panelist Kavita Pandit Georgia State University 10

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