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Diversing Economics and Cooperative Formation

Type: Paper
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Organizers: Program Committee



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Lorene Brasil*, UFRN, Lucas Costa Rodrigues, UFRN, Raimundo Nonato, UFRN, Deusimar Brasil, UFRN, Júlia Oliveira, UFRN, The use of the territory from the “fundos de pasto” in the sparsely populated areas of the Brazilian Semiarid: the quilombola community Aroeiras / Pedro Avelino - Rio Grande do Norte. 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Frank Marshalek*, Dr, Prospects and Challenges in the New, Non-agricultural Cooperative Sector in Cuba 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Jacob Ryan*, Concordia University, Escaping the social economic enclave? Examining the solidarity cooperative model in Quebec 15 12:00 AM
Presenter Jonah Walters*, Rutgers University, Class Struggle at the End of History: Cooperatives in "Neoliberal" Nicaragua 15 12:00 AM

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