Discourse on the Anthopocene

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2020
Start / End Time: 5:35 PM / 6:50 PM
Room: Tower Court D, Sheraton, IM Pei Tower, Second Floor Level
Organizers: Program Committee
Chairs: Rachelle Pontes



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Connie Johnston*, DePaul University, Ethics Beyond Anthropos: Climate Change and the Non-Human World 15 5:35 PM
Presenter Mark Blumler*, SUNY-Binghamton, Climate Change Concern is (Unfortunately) Bringing Back Equilibrium Ecology 15 5:50 PM
Presenter Madeline Emerson*, University of Missouri - Columbia, Susan Gilbertz, Montana State University - Billings, Damon Hall, University of Missouri - Columbia, 'A David and Goliath kind of thing': Oil spills on the Yellowstone River and an evolving truth regime 15 6:05 PM
Presenter Rachelle Pontes*, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Rebecca Johns, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Material Exhibits at AZA Zoos, Aquariums and Theme-Parks: Applying a Design, Content and Context Approach to Evaluating Environmental Education 15 6:20 PM

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