Pix4D Research Poster Competition for Non-Students

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Ana Soares, Chelsea Cox

Call for Submissions

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones, have become an integral tool for conducting geospatial research. They provide the ability to capture on-demand data, and when used in conjunction with the processing software Pix4D, they empower users to create specialized maps and 3D-models. This unique combination of tools allows for limitless possibilities for geographers.
In this poster session, presenters will provide insights into how they are using UAS to address a variety of research objectives spanning a range of subfields. Poster presentations should cover research with UAS technology, including the use of a multitude of sensors, to process and classify UAS-derived data.

Attention UAS researchers! Pix4D is hosting a pair of poster contests at AAG - one for students and one for non-students. See Description for more info. Looking for inspiration? See last year’s winners on our blog!


For Non-students*:
Include the lead author’s name, student/faculty co-authors if any, school, and contact information. The abstract should consist of the title, and a description of the poster in less than 250 words. The abstract should summarize the use of UAS (or other image acquisition platform), Pix4D, and/or Drone2Map, and clearly define the objectives of the research, methodology, and conclusions. Presenters will be chosen from submitted abstracts to participate in the poster competition. The poster to be showcased at the semi-final and the final must include the following: Title Name(s) of author(s) and affiliated school(s), Abstract (brief summary of objectives, methods, results, and conclusions), Background Information, Research Objectives, Materials, Methodology, and Conclusions. First place includes a cash award and recognition in a Pix4D blog post. The first and second runners-up will also receive a cash award.

Eligibility: Faculty and/or professionals

1st place = $500 + published article in Pix4D Newsletter, 2nd place = $300, 2 honorable mentions = $100/each

Criteria and Scoring
Pix4D must be used in some capacity. Points will be awarded based on the following:
Originality of Work - 25 (points)
Aesthetics of Display - 10
Clarity of display - 10
Clarity of presentation (Was the presentation easy to understand? Were difficult concepts explained clearly? Was sufficient background information provided? - 15
Scientific Method - 15 points
Knowledge of overall content (Can the presenter think beyond the work presented?) - 15
Ability to answer questions - 10
Total - 100 Points

Please register for the meeting and submit your abstract here. Once you receive your submission confirmation, please forward the email to ana.soares@Pix4D.com by January 31st.


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