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Urban Geography Specialty Group Poster Session: Understanding the Contemporary City

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups: Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/8/2020
Start / End Time: 3:20 PM / 4:35 PM (MDT)
Room: Virtual Track 3
Organizers: Katherine Hankins, Anne Bonds


This poster session invites contributions that focus on the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary city. Themes may include but are not limited to
• Race and the city
• Urban politics
• The Global South
• Greening the city
• Transportation
• Housing and homelessness
• Social and spatial (in)justice in the city
• Gentrification and/or neighborhood change
• Urban food systems
• Urban youth
• Mapping urban flows
• Urban infrastructure
Submissions from graduate and undergraduate students are strongly encouraged.
The Urban Geography Specialty Group will award cash prizes to outstanding posters.


ID Title Participant
001 Time Series Analysis of Land Surface Temperature in Relation to Urban Tree Cover in Worcester, Massachusetts Shannon Reault
Clark University
002 Mapping Post-Disaster Property Speculation in Houston, Texas, 2014-2018 Hannah Mizell
Mississippi State University
003 Veterans Lost in the Brush: The Great War, A Desecrated Landscape, and Geographies of Public Memory Grayson Hinkle
Stephen F. Austin State University
004 Barriers in Cycling Commutes in Denver Miles Huskey
Metropolitan State College of Denver
005 Drivers of Summertime Electricity Consumption in Fort Collins, Colorado Lauren Abram
006 Exploring the relationships between demography, street trees and visual recognition of urban buildings Yuen Tsang
Tarleton State University
007 Expressions of poetic dwelling in Vancouver’s Single Room Occupancy Hotels Audrey Kobayashi
Queen's University
008 Ecosystem services dynamics response to tremendous reclamation in a coastal island city YI LIN
009 Food Resiliency in the Witch City; A GIS Model For Expanding Local Food Production in Salem, Massachusetts Jacquelynn De Haan
010 How Crystal Bridges Impacted the Downtown Revitalization of Bentonville, Arkansas in The Last Decade Korab Vranovci
University of Arkansas
011 Impacts of rail transit accessibility on residential and commercial property price in Shanghai Jingming LIU
American University
012 Re-Mapping Federalism: Distributing State Power Through Local-Community Governance Rodrick Schubert
University of Colorado - Denver
013 Spatial Exploration of Mental Health Issues and Urban Parks/Green Spaces Accessibility in Pueblo and El Paso Counties, Colorado. Fayad Zangaba
University of Northern Colorado
014 Squats as quasi-public places: A legal perspective Nikos Ntounis
Manchester Metropolitan University
015 The Motivational and Demographic Factors Influencing Alternative Transportation on Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado Sean McAllister
016 Urban Heat Island Effect in Kent, Ohio and Surrounding Locations in Portage County: A Preliminary Study. Zachary Barbose
017 Urban Heat Islands of Richmond, VA: A Further Analysis Kelly Saverino
University of Richmond
018 Urban infrastructure development and social vulnerability to extreme climate events in Miami-Dade County, Florida Kyle Pecsok
019 Using Rochester’s public housing in the “Crescent of Poverty” as a catalyst for a solar initiative Christopher Miller
020 Prediction model for the spatially spreading process within Itaewon commercial district using reinforcement learning JIWON JANG
Kyunghee University
021 Assessing Youth access to Sex Education in Los Angeles Sophia Reyes
022 Can Green Spaces Reduce Climate-Induced Heat Effects in Urban Areas? Assessment of Population Concerns in Abidjan, Côte D’ivoire Mamadou Coulibaly
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
023 Cities, Education and Personal Female Hygiene a Study of Deprivation, Ignorance and Vulnerability in Delhi and Surroundings, India JAG MOHAN
024 Comparative Effectiveness of Land Cover Products in Capturing Urbanization in the Lake Victoria Basin Ryan Good
University of Florida
025 Does the Suburbanization of Poverty lead to more Environmental Equity for the Poor? Fabian Terbeck
University of Connecticut
026 Impassable During High Water: Sea Level Change, Commuting, and Climate Gentrification Qing Zhong
Arizona State University
027 Unconventional Housing in Cario: Unpacking the Narratives of Tomb Communities Lindsey Logan
028 Vegetation change in Rockport-Fulton, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey Spencer Lindgren
029 Land Inventory of Urban Agricultural Suitability in Detroit, MI William DeLany
University of Denver
030 Map Guide of Islamic Cairo Yasser Ayad
Clarion University
031 Mapping consumption amenities and high-growth companies in Portland, OR: Preliminary analysis Jihye Kang
032 Measuring McCities: Quantifying "Chainness" of Foodscapes in the United States Clio Andris
Assistant Professor Pennsylvania State University
033 Measuring Spatial Accessibility and Disparities to Food Stores in Toledo, Ohio Isaac Sapani
University of Toledo
034 Old Landscapes vs New Landscapes: Using an Urban Heat Island Index to Assess Urban and Environmental Planning Principals in Jaipur, India Kristina Thomas
Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
035 Our Town: Articulating place meanings and attachments in St. Johns using Resident-Employed Photography Lauren Everett
Portland State University
036 Parks Classification & Equity Analysis in Portland Region Max Woodbury
Oregon Metro
037 Spatial Analysis of Nighttime Crime Clustering Near Regions With Broken Street Lighting in Manhattan NYC Erin Arndt
Pennsylvania State University
038 Spatial and temporal trends of tree species loss due to urbanization in Austin, Texas Luzyannet Ballesteros Gonzalez
Tne University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
039 Spatial Trends in Subsidized Affordable Rental Housing Siting in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area Sarah Carnaroli
040 The tech boom in St. Louis, Mo: Who is being displaced by the new National Geopspatial Intelligence Agency in St. Louis, Mo? Alyssa Hoog
041 Understanding the relationship between crime and demographics in NYC neighbourhoods Alexander Maas
Tohoku University
042 Urban Encroachment On the Wildlife-Urban Interface: A Comparison of Homes Prices in Two Cities of Southern California Eric Brannen
043 Urban risk due to urban sprawl and hazard at Kathmandu, Nepal Shanta Banstola
Indiana State University
044 Portland ADUs – a different type of housing- revisited Yael Kidron
Portland State University
045 A Space-Time Job Accessibility Analysis for Investigating Occupational Gender Segregation Hongbo Yu
Oklahoma State University
046 Analyzing Roundabouts: Do Crashes Go Up or Down When Cars Go Round-and-Round? Timothy Garceau
Central Connecticut State University
047 GIS Analysis of Park Distribution and Accessibility in the Los Angeles Metro & South Service Planning Areas: A Look Into the Health & Socioeconomic Factors of 2010, 2011 & 2015 Diana Sotelo
California State Polytechnic University
048 Watering the Desert: Evolving surface water distribution in America’s arid boomburbs Jacob Napieralski
049 A Locational Analysis of Parking Lots in Relation to the Pedestrian Landscape Dudley Bonsal
James Madison University
050 Airports & Urban Morphology: What Unified the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex Porter Burns
051 Deserting the Food Desert: An Evaluation of Food Access Methodology Brandon Katz
052 Analyzing the effects of coworking spaces in Nebraskan cities Marc Marean
053 Evaluation of Dual Inequality in Mortgage Lending Discrimination for People of Color: a national study of large US metropolitan areas Yuhong Zhou
Medical College of Wisconsin
054 Geospatial Analysis Applications in Shared Mobility Yi Wen
055 Incorporating Geography into Applied Civic Studies: Geospatial Competencies and Community Engagement Anne Mosher
Syracuse University
056 Skewed Sustainability and Environmental Injustice Across Metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri Troy Abel
Professor Western Washington University
057 The Homelessness Epidemic Across Seattle, WA and Portland, OR Caitlyn Conner
058 Urban Food Swamps: An analysis of urban food swamps, their consequences, and a consideration of mitigation strategies within Rochester, NY. Elizabeth Anne Osborn
SUNY - Geneseo
059 Using GIS to Enhance Historic Preservation: From Mapping Building Construction Dates to Mapping Cultural Relationships Micah Arnholt
Columbus State University
060 Visualizing Crimes in the Immediate Area of Rutgers University - New Brunswick Sandy Giacobbe
061 Spatial distribution and seasonal variation of air pollutants in proximity to mobile sources in Jamaica Center, Queens, NY Christopher Aime
Graduate Student Lehman College
062 The selectively informal practices of Chinese local governments in land market Jinshuo Wang
Radboud University
063 Remote Sensing of Urban Expansion in the Beijing Metropolitan Area, China: Status and Challenges Xiaojun Yang
Professor Florida State University
064 Local Climate Zone Classification of Central Indianapolis, Indiana Bikalpa Adhikari
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
065 Use of ESRI GIS technology and InVEST models to assess impacts on ecosystem services provision and wildfire risk in the context of urban expansion. Clara Mosso
Colorado State University
066 University of Colorado Denver: A Multi-Criteria Assessment of Guided Energy Efficiency on Campus Briley Manzanares
Student University of Colorado At Denver
067 Stormwater Management in Keene, NH: An Analysis of Flood Mitigation and Low Impact Development Techniques Bryanna Weigel
Keene State College
068 Recycling Knowledge & Behavior Amongst High Schoolers in a DFW Suburb Grant Amlani
069 Developing a Spatially Explicit Land Capability Model to Promote Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the Wasatch Range Metropolitan Area, Utah Anthony Whaley
Utah State University
070 Changes in urban greenness in the Wasatch Front, Utah from 1985–2019 Justin White
Utah Valley University
071 Campus Parking Solutions: An Examination of Prices and Practices at Mid-Sized Universities Caryn DeCrisanti
Central Connecticut State University
072 Accessibility and Bus Rapid Transit: CT Fastrak Case Study Ryan Faulkner
Central Connecticut State University
073 Assessment of Student Awareness, Perception and Reaction to Severe Weather Alerts at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL Mia Gerace
074 Between the river banks. Shopping changes in the shadow of a new road bridge Pawel Smolinski
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
075 Water Cisterns as Indispensable elements for the Prosperity of 18th Century St. Eustatius Do Khym
Cerritos College
076 The Different Air We Breathe: Quantifying and Contextualizing Air Quality in Socioeconomically Contrasting Poughkeepsie Penelope Mort Ranta
Vassar College
077 A study designed to understand connections between Latinx urban park use and perceptions of wellbeing in Charlotte. Abel Ayon
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
078 History, Landscape Change, and the Social Dimensions of Urban Stream Restoration in Miami Mason Bradbury
Florida International University

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