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W1_1 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Fundamentals & Practices

Type: Workshop
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers


Monday, April 6, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Organizers: Ruiliang Pu
Capacity: 30
Cost/person: $17
Room: Capitol Ballroom 6

Hyperspectral remote sensing (HRS) can provide subtle imaging spectral information. Researchers have investigated and applied the HRS techniques for many applications including geology, geomorphology, limnology, pedology, hydrology, vegetation and ecosystems, and atmospheric sciences. To better understand, investigate and apply HRS technology, in this workshop, lecturer will:
•Concisely introduce concepts, principles, methods of HRS.
•Briefly present a survey of characteristics and types of field spectrometers and airborne & space-borne hyperspectral sensors, systems and missions.
•Briefly introduce advanced algorithms, techniques and methods for processing and analyzing hyperspectral data.
•Summarily deliver a comprehensive overview on hyperspectral applications to geology, vegetation, and environments


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