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W3_10 ArcGIS Pro as a Data Science Workstation: Introduction to Machine Learning and Spatial Data Science

Type: Workshop
Sponsor Groups:
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Day: 4/8/2020
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Virtual Track 15
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers


Wednesday, April 8, 3:05 PM – 4:20 PM
Organizers: Orhun Aydin

Space and time are essential components for a spectrum of problems ranging from designing resilient cities to understanding natural systems of our planet. Modern developments in GIS integrate vast amounts and types of space-time data, enabling an interconnected nervous system for our planet. Harnessing the power of this nervous system requires connecting it to intelligent systems that reveal critical patterns and relationships to guide decisions that shape our future. In this session, multidisciplinary spatial problem solving to transform spatial data into deep understanding will be demonstrated using ArcGIS Pro. The session will introduce machine learning methods in ArcGIS and integration with open source functionality to utilize GIS as a platform for spatial data science.


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