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Physical Geography, Environmental Science, and Climate Geography Poster Session

Type: Poster
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Organizers: Program Committee



ID Title Participant
001 The Pathological and Economic Consequences of Houston’s Air Pollution Catastrophe: A Youth's Perspective Sanni Saari
002 Results of a Three-year Project to Increase Diversity in Geosciences Grady Dixon
Fort Hays State University
003 Environmental Geography, Tonewoods, and Natural Resource Management in southern Colorado, USA. Jared Beeton
Fort Lewis College
004 Growing Season Change and Variability in the Northeastern U.S. Anthony Vega
Clarion University
005 Watts and Watches: Analysis of 2008-2018 Mid-Atlantic Lightning Strike Dispersion and Weather Alert Distribution Nicholas Butler
University of Delaware
006 Tracking volcanic smog during the Kīlauea 2018 eruption using a spatially distributed sensor network Ben Crawford
University of Colorado - Denver
007 The Concept of Weather Justice Alan Stewart
University of Georgia
008 Morbidity & Mortality of Texas Tornado Outbreaks Heather Swienton
Texas State University - San Marcos
009 Investigating the Relationship between Pregnancy and Domestic Violence in Mali Kassandra Fate
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
010 Korean Natural Farming Nicole Boudreaux
University of Colorado - Denver
011 The real meal deal: assessing student preferences for “real food” at Fort Lewis College Kathleen Hilimire
Fort Lewis College
012 Barriers to Integrated Governance of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Jaime Jones
Arizona State University
013 Do heatwaves affect rates of mortality of piñon pine (Pinus edulis) seedlings during drought? Kierstin Acuna
014 Impacts of Drought on Tree Growth at the Lower Montane Forest Ecotone in Colorado Springs Katharina Zito
University of Colorado
015 Local Change and the Rising Tides: Using change detection and participatory mapping to mitigate climate change in Gullah Geechee areas of the East Coast Jennifer Smith
Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
016 Public land management on the Upper Mississippi: Exploring relationships between management imperatives and ecosystem biodiversity Hunter Ridley
Augustana College
017 The Changing Rural Landscape of Odin Township, Minnesota Christopher Laingen
Eastern Illinois University
018 Status of Arsenic Concentration in Groundwater of Part of West Bengal, India Sukanya Musib
Indiana State University
019 Spatial Variability in Flow-Growth Relationships Along Geographical Gradients for Four Pacific Northwest Conifers Meghan Foard
University of Idaho
020 Prevalence and Socioeconomic Implications of Marine Debris in Southern Belize Jayla Blanke
University of Alabama
021 Population Health Vulnerability of Heavy Metal Exposure and Environmental Risk Management in Daye city, China Jun Yang
Kent State University
022 Buy and Dry in Crowley County Colorado Douglas Clark
University of Denver
023 States Rated: An Index for Natural Hazard Vulnerability Seth Kannarr
024 Evaluating effects of a payments for ecosystem services program in China on species richness over time Alexandra Yost
San Diego State University

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