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Cultural and Social Geography Poster Session

Type: Poster
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Organizers: Program Committee



ID Title Participant
001 “3D” China Tourism-Appreciation and Analysis & Exploration(Part II Humanity)” Ningxi Zhao
Nanjing University (NJU)
002 American Steakhouses as Iconic Places Worthy of Examination through Many Geographic-related Lenses Alana Seaman
Dr. University of North Carolina - Wilmington
003 Continuing Black oppression: Mapping Tulsa’s drug arrests Sean Thomas
Oklahoma State University
004 Making connections, the US Geological Survey’s National Digital Trails Network Tatyana Dimascio
U.S. Geological Survey
005 Built Environment Correlates of Bicycling Flows in Hamilton, Ontario: Fastest, Quietest, or Balanced Routes? Elise Desjardins
McMaster University
006 Teaching Appreciation of Place: Freshmen and FYS 131 Experience Flagstaff Dawn Hawley
Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation
007 Travel Distance and Distribution of Minnesota Hospitals Providing Maternity Services Patrick Bright
University of Minnesota - Duluth
008 Sharp and to the Point - Knife Crime in England and Wales Stuart Watts
009 Science communication of slow impacts: Applying lessons from climate change communication to motivate publics’ understanding of and action against nutrient pollution Katherine Canfield
University of Rhode Island
010 Public Perceptions of Water Reuse in Norman, Oklahoma Madeline Wade
University of Oklahoma
011 Health Beliefs, Health Behavioral Intentions, and Lead Contamination Threats in Mining-Impacted Communities Courtney Cooper
University of Idaho
012 Martyrs of Economic Warfare: The Gendered Impact of Economic Sanctions in Iran Meraal Hakeem
University of Texas - Austin
013 Sources of Visitor Information at United States National Parks Michael Pretes
University of North Alabama

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