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The impact of Covid-19 on undergraduate teaching and learning

Type: Panel
Theme: Geographers Respond to COVID-19
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Day: 4/9/2020
Start / End Time: 11:10 AM / 12:25 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
Room: Virtual Track 5
Organizers: Terence Day
Chairs: Terence Day


Concern about community transmission of Covid-19 has moved teaching online in colleges and universities around the world, and has likely produced the largest unplanned, uncontrolled educational experiment ever undertaken.

Just as the events of the past few weeks and upcoming months impact and reshape society as a whole, the Covid-19 pandemic will also impact the work of colleges and universities for a generation. With this in mind, it is vital that the academic community examines and assesses the impacts of Covid-19 on undergraduate teaching and learning.

As geographers, we have a unique perspective on the pandemic crisis and its many implications. The breadth of our discipline and our understanding of physical, cultural and economic diversity can contribute important new insights into adaptive processes and methods of undergraduate teaching and learning. This standpoint will assist not only teaching and learning under emergency conditions, but also provide an opportunity to reassess our approaches to post-secondary education in post-Covid-19 years.

We want participants to share their experiences, observations and insights into the impacts of Covid-19 on undergraduate teaching and learning, and more generally, teaching and learning under emergency conditions.

Keeping in mind the diversity within and between institutions, some questions to consider include:

a) In what ways is online teaching similar to, and different from, face to face teaching?
b) Why do students choose face-to-face versus online distance learning?
c) What are the impacts of the change in delivery on student learning, and is it possible to separate those from the effects of
the pandemic in general?
d) How have faculty been impacted by the pandemic and the change in teaching methods?
e) What have been the impacts on other aspects of professional life (especially research) and also on personal and family life?
f) How can we measure the impacts?

All panelists and session participants are invited to be coauthors in a multi-author paper to be submitted to The Professional Geographer within a few weeks of this panel session. We aim to report on our observations and experiences, to provide preliminary data, to draw conclusions, and to perhaps make recommendations on where we go from here.

Panelists have prepared some comments prior to the session, and we will spend most of our time participating in discussion, and engaging with the audience.

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Type Details Minutes
Panelist I-Chun Catherine Chang Macalester College 15
Panelist Terence Day Okanagan College 15
Panelist William Doolittle University of Texas - Austin 15
Panelist Jacqueline Housel Sinclair College 15

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