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Urban Geography, Planning, and Community Building 1

Type: Paper
Theme: Expanding the Community of Geography
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2020
Start / End Time: 10:15 AM / 11:30 AM (Mountain Standard Time)
Room: Virtual Track 2
Organizers: Erica Ferrer, JOE TOKOSH, Tongyun Du


Session audience - Day: 07/04/2020 - Start / End Time: 10:15 / 11:30 (Denver Time):
- Livestream Audience Chat

Presentations available on Youtube:
- Joe Tokosh
- Kathryn Mariner
- Owain Hanmer
- Tongyun Du
- Yuting An
- Erica Ferrer (Primary Organizer)


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter JOE TOKOSH*, , What's Green and Orange and Still Rents Movies? Investigating the Closures of Family Video Stores 15 10:15 AM
Presenter Kathryn Mariner*, University of Rochester - Rochester, NY, Resistance is Fertile: Reclaiming Urban Space through Art and Play 15 10:30 AM
Presenter Owain Hanmer*, Cardiff University, Micro-utopias of ageing: the practice of collective gardening in Wales 15 10:45 AM
Presenter Tongyun Du*, , Christian christian fertner, supervisor, Social network change in different impacted residents’ group by urban renewal in China: Evidence from Chongqing 15 11:00 AM
Presenter Yuting An*, University of Florida, William C. Norman, Clemson University , Jang-Won Moon, Clemson University , Resident's Perceptions of Tourism Development in Greenville, South Carolina USA 15 11:15 AM

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