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Cesium's Field Trip of Denver and the Front Range

Type: Field Trip
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers

Virtual Attendance


With the COVID-19 pandemic moving the AAG to be held remotely, we wanted to make a tour of Denver so everyone could still experience the city, virtually. Check out this virtual tour:

To make this we used Cesium Stories, which is a great tool for quickly making beautiful, 3D tours that combine content about a destination with real-world images - visualized by flying around the globe to see the site itself, at its precise location. We were fortunate that Denver is a gorgeous city surrounded by impressive terrain, which makes this tour quite breathtaking.

You can find more details on this tour and how we made it on our blog

If you're interested in making your own field trip or virtual tour using Cesium Stories, just sign up for a free account and read this tutorial to get started


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